Podcast Episode 13 Transportation Calculator


Hey transportation community, today we have exciting news! Something I’ve been working hard on for the last three months just got done. That is a transportation calculator powered by PC Miler and TruckHub. Truckhub is a TMS that connects shippers and brokers to different modes of domestic transportation. This calculator is completely free and available at https://mileage-calculator.thefreightguru.io.

Example Info

In the podcast, we will show an example of how the calculator works. To do that, we will use information from the DAT load board. The example and subsequent calculations were done on 4/23/2021.


I have been working in transport for 17 years. I started doing software five years ago to improve my business. When implementing software, it was always important to me to do things that could be useful not only for me but across the board. With TruckHub, I built a TMS that connects shippers, brokers, and freight forwarders directly to truckers. This mileage calculator is another thing that everyone can use, and that is why I made it so that anyone can access it. It is designed to allow you to put in readily available info and give you data that makes informed decision-making easier.


In the podcast, I demonstrate how to use the widget. The demonstration begins at 3:58 in the podcast video. You can use the information provided by the widget to negotiate a better price if the provider you are interested in is charging more than the industry standard cost per mile.

Freight Market Out Of Miami

Under normal circumstances, Miami is not a good trucking market. However, there is more demand than supply across the industry, so it is hard to have backhaul markets even in Miami, which is one traditionally.

Additional Features

On top of the previously mentioned features, our widget gives turn-by-turn directions. You can then send these directions to the driver. Using our eliminates many calculations and is significantly better than using google maps in conjunction with a spreadsheet as driving miles are often different from trucking miles.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to check out the full podcast available on our website! Or listen to the audio only version here.

The Freight Guru


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Experienced expert, providing invaluable information in the fields of logistics, trucking, 3PL's, and supply chains.

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Freight Guru

Freight Guru

Experienced expert, providing invaluable information in the fields of logistics, trucking, 3PL's, and supply chains.

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