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Podcast Episode 9 With Michael Nau VP of Merchandising for City Furniture Inc


About Michael Nau

What is a BCO

Why Bring Logistics Inhouse? (MN)

Advantages of Being a BCO with Inhouse Logistics (LL)

Would You Say Being a BCO Helped With the Pandemic? (MN)

Was Redesigning the Website a Pre-COVID Priority or Was It Brought About By The Pandemic? (MN)

Looking At The Website (LL)

Improving Retail (MN)

Combining Great Website and Great Retail (MN)

Features of the Website (LL)

Hiring To Build A Great Team (LL)

What We Look For At City Furniture (MN)

Top 5 Critical Things To Do At Interviews (LL)

Is City Furniture Currently Hiring, And If So, What Roles? (MN)

Pandemic Growth & Growing Pains(MN)

Overcoming Growing Pains (MN)

Trouble In The Suez (MN)

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